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Translation agency, english, french, german. For your technical documents and your corporate communication.
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Translation domains:
Advertising, Automobile, HR, Life sciences, Marketing, Music, Press release, Real estate, Software, Sports, Tourism, Food, Health, Climate and Environment, Green Technologies, Technology

Rates: see our packages! Or please contact us.

  • Pearl
  • € 30 ex-Tax
  • less than 300 words
  • Wind
  • € 49 ex-Tax
  • 300-word-translation
  • Translation of your extra 150 words (free)
  • Express service (free)
  • Sand
  • € 149 ex-Tax
  • 900-word-translation
  • Translation of your extra 150 words (free)
  • Express service (free)
  • Rock
  • € 199 ex-Tax
  • 1250-word-translation
  • Translation of your extra 150 words (free)
  • Express service (free)
  • Direct translation in your CMS (free)

Please note:

Depending on the volume of your document(s), we can create together an intermediate package.

Express service  – If you need to order additional sentences of 15 words or less or have occasional questions, I will help you for free for 30 days following delivery of the main order.

The free items that you don’t want to benefit from cannot reduce the price of the package.

If you do not want the packages, I can still charge you for each word, as all other translators and agencies do. It’s up to you!

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